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Booster Pump
Booster Pump manufactured and supplied by our company are fabricated by using premium grade metallic and non-metallic components having a high dimensional accuracy which make the capable to raise the liquid to extreme pressures.
Pressure Switch
Pressure Switch are the electronic sensors that are used to read the level at which the fluid is flowing through the channel and send feedback signal as per the rise and fall of the pressure inside the system to allow or to stop the flow as per the set values.
Commercial Pump
Commercial Pump offered by our company can be used in both residential and industrial application due to their compact construction and capability to increase the pressure to many folds as compared to that at the inlet.
Pressure Pump Spare Part
Our Company also provides top quality Pump Spare Parts that can be installed inside the pumping units for the efficient and safe working of the device and ensures the continuous operation for a longer period of time.
High Pressure Pump
High Pressure Pumps are the hydraulic equipments that are used to increase the pressure level of the inlet fluid to many folds which make them useful in various industrial uses and for the transportation of the liquid throughout the flow channels.
Toilet Pump
Toilet Pump are the special hydraulic devices that are equipped with mechanical means for the moving of waste water out of the system. They runs on electrical power which and are installed with high quality components which results in better efficiency and low noise during operation.
Domestic Water Pump
Domestic Water Pump are the compact sized rigid and heavy hydraulic devices that runs on standard electrical power which to suck water from the pipeline to transport it tanks and containers located at different elevated level. 
Franklin Pressure Pump
Constant Pressure Pump are the high performance systems that are used for the transportation of the various types of liquids like water, chemical, solvent etc. at a uniform and constant rate to make a continuous discharge.
Dosing Pump
Dosing Pump are the especially designed hydraulic machines that are provided with such provisions and function which allows the suction of a calculated volume of liquid in a specified time period which results in accurate volumetric flow rate.